I was born in Siauliai in 1971. Having graduated from the Vilnius Academy of Art in 1996, I eloped on my career as a painter. I had a few personal shows in art galleries of Vilnius and took part in social events. Since the childhood I have been driven by need to know, to feel, to see, to experience new things. I have always felt intrigued by the mysterious world of senses, emotions, experience of the soul, which I strive to convey in my paintings.

In 2000 I left to Amsterdam, Holland, with no one waiting me there and no means to stay in fancy hotels of the capital. However, this does not prevent me from continuing my creative work.

After some time I moved to Bonn, Germany, where I have been staying and creating for a year.

In 2005 I came to live in Great Britain, starting from Bristol, and later moving to Notingham and Reading. My journeys allowed me to learn new cultures, meet new people and experience new things, yet regardless of land, customs and tempers, all the people are united by feelings, mutual respect, aesthetical and moral views.

During my journeys through Europe I have experienced both good and bad things. All the experience, highs and lows have shaped my personality and views on art, they have driven my works. In my paintings I try to convey psychological or philosophical state of a person, its character or mood. The ancient notions of beauty, faithfulness are relived anew. Anger, envy and deceit are vanquished by such higher notions as friendship, trust and respect. The truths of the old have touched me as well. The blows in my life have made me experience and re-discover old truths. They have also influenced my personal view on life and human purpose therein.

Once we are born, our fate is born with us, with all the moments of despair and joy, search for the truth and its downfalls, thirst for knowledge and total indifference. All this long and complex route of the human life journey is filled with deep emotions, feelings and stress. This I am trying to convey in my painting, centering my view on human, being the most mysterious being on Earth.

Egle Kmieliauskaite Milteniene